• Founder: Jean Ratcliff
  • Professional advisors, specialists in interventional oncology.
  • Prof William Lees FRCR FRCS FRANZ
  • Dr Alice Gillams MRCP FRCR ABR

The Cancer Thermal Ablation Fund

The information on this website will be of interest to certain cancer patients and those involved with their treatment as its aim is to bring greater awareness and knowledge of thermal ablation. Thermal ablation is a relatively new cancer treatment working alongside conventional surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and could be considered as an option for treating tumours predominantly in the liver, lung or kidney and small benign bone tumours. Although pioneered and practiced for more than 20 years this procedure is still not generally known about or indeed readily available as part of the overall treatment options.

Radio frequency ablation is now widely accepted around the world and has been approved by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). Despite this and the relevant modest start up costs there is still not countrywide availability and not all potential patients can benefit by access to the treatment.

Jean Ratcliff, Founder of The Cancer Thermal Ablation Fund, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2003 with three secondary tumours in the liver and subsequently in the lung. The liver and lung tumours were ablated using radiofrequency. Radiofrequency ablation was vital in the overall programme to treat her cancer.

Working with professional advisors in interventional oncology and funded through The Cancer Thermal Ablation Fund which she established, Jean initiated the setting up of this website together with Dr Alice Gillams who has pioneered this treatment alongside Professor Bill Lees over the past 20 years. Sufficient information is contained on the web pages to allow initial discussions with the oncologist and oncology teams where appropriate about the possibilities for this treatment.

Several NHS hospitals now offer radiofrequency ablation. Dr Alice Gillams, our specialist advisor, works privately at The London Clinic and The Harley Street Clinic, London.

Through the bursaries originally afforded to radiologists, several doctors have benefitted from the required training in this specialist field and future funds will be for continuous ongoing development. Should you wish to contribute to our aims the please go to the Fundraising section.

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